The 10 Minute Workout Everyone Can Do

The 10 Minute Workout Everyone Can Do

Imagine a 10 minute workout that you can do anywhere, any time. If you miss the gym, your favourite class is cancelled or the weather wrecks your run, it can really mess with your mojo. However, everyone can find ten minutes, in even the busiest day, to thrash out a quality workout. Here is my favourite ten minute workout that is guaranteed to challenge even the fittest of people. Whatever your fitness level, it will leave you feeling on top of the world.

I have picket three exercises that work a lot of muscles at once so you get a real bang for your buck. They complement each other so you can do them back to back. You must take a one minute break every round. If you think that sounds like too much rest, you aren’t working hard enough. So, here are your three exercises.


elevate 10 minute workout

Squat – head up, bum down (Shorts ADIDAS, Top RAB, Exercise Mat via Amazon)



Stand feet about hip width apart. Keep your head high as you sit back as pictured.
Maintain the same gap between your knees as you have between your feet. Stand up head first. Repeat.

Major Muscles


Other Muscles

Inner Thighs
Lower Back
Postural Muscles

Top Tip

Stand side on to a mirror and sit back as if there is a chair just out of reach.


elevate 10 minute workout

Sit Up – hands to knees, chin up

Sit Up


Lie on your back with your knees bent as pictured.
Sit up with straight arms until your palms reach your knee caps as shown.
Lie back down and repeat. Move your feet away to make it easier, towards you to make it harder.
Throw your hands as you sit up to make it easier.

Major Muscles

Abdominals -six pack/rectus abdominus

Other Muscles

Hip Flexors

Top Tips

Keep your backside in the same spot throughout!
Keep your chin up.

elevate 10 minute workout

Press Up – chest to floor

Press Up


Take your weight on your feet and hands as pictured.
Maintain a dead straight line through your shoulder, hip, knee and ankle throughout.
Lower your chest to the floor and press up to return to straight arms. Repeat.
Place your knees on the ground to make it easier.

Major Muscles


Other Muscles

Shoulder Blade Stabilisers
Postural Muscles

Top Tips

Chest and abdomen should touch and leave the floor together.
Your head should be ahead of your finger tips as you look down.



All you need is a mat or carpeted area of around six square feet and an easy to read clock placed where you can see it. Do as many as you can in thirty seconds. Move immediately into the next exercise. After you have done thirty seconds of each exercise, take a one minute standing rest then repeat. When ten minutes are up you will have done this four times.
Always perform each movement fully and correctly.

 30 seconds of Squats

30 seconds of Sit Ups

30 seconds of Press Ups

Rest for 1 minute


Count the number of repetitions you do in your first set of each exercise. Try to get close to this number every time. If you are working as hard as you can, you should struggle to do the same number each time. Two things will show that you are getting fitter. Your max number of reps for the first 30 seconds will improve for each exercise and the drop off between each subsequent set will reduce. Not to mention your amazing looking legs, arms and abs!

 So, there you have it. The 10 minute workout everyone can do. Check out this video for more exercise inspiration. Comment below and share this with everyone you know, they’ll love it
Until next time.

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If you are new to exercise or have a medical condition you should consult your doctor before commencing any new exercise programme or workout. It is also advisable to warm up before any intense exercise session. Stair climbing or brisk walking for five minutes to moderately raise your heart rate and breathing. Aim to achieve a mild sweat. It is advisable to cool down after any intense exercise session. Repeat the stair climbing or brisk walking. Now is a good time to perform your familiar static stretches of the major muscles.  


  1. Teresa K
    27/01/2018 / 16:58

    BRILLIANT… Thankyou!!! 😀👍

    • Liam
      28/01/2018 / 23:06

      Thank you Teresa!

  2. Glenda Taylor
    27/01/2018 / 17:50

    I’m on it! My February challenge.

    • Liam
      28/01/2018 / 23:08

      Go for it Glenda!

  3. Vicki Smith
    28/01/2018 / 17:17

    Only 10 minutes?!?! Now that I can do! 😃💪🏻

    • Liam
      28/01/2018 / 23:09

      Yer you can Vicki!

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