Vegetable drawer shopping list

Vegetable drawer shopping list

When shopping at the supermarket stick to the outside aisles. This is where the fresh and whole foods are displayed. The inner aisles are stocked with more processed and less natural products which you should aim to limit in your diet.

Better still, shop at your local greengrocer and farmers’ markets for the best seasonal produce. Seasonal fruit and veg are typically grown more naturally as opposed to being forced and often picked before ripe as in the case of out of season produce. The nutritional content of locally grown, seasonal and ideally Organic fruit and vegetables scores significantly higher and is therefore better for you.

Taste the rainbow!

Fruit and vegetables have been conveniently colour coded for you. Get as many different colours in your basket and on your plate as you can. A variety¬†of¬†colours tells you that you’re getting a good mixture of vitamins, minerals and other essential micronutrients.


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