My Top 5 Running Reads

My Top 5 Running Reads

Whether you are a running nut or currently standing on the edge thinking about taking your first running steps, you will find a book or two here to help you on your way.

Running with the Kenyansa fascinating account of a man who upped sticks and moved to Kenya for six months to live and train with the greatest runners on earth. It will capture your imagination, especially if, like me and the author, you used to run and have got back into it after a prolonged break. Author: Adharanand Finn

The Science of Running for the forward thinking coach and the nerd-inclined runner. Author Steve Magness strikes a remarkable blend of accessible writing with exhaustive science. His humility and willingness to learn are a great inspiration to me.

a theoretical account of breaking the two hour barrier in the marathon. This is a revolutionary view of how changing the way we train can make us faster, and it has nothing to do with gut busting workouts. Author Dr. Philip Maffetone

Hansons Marathon Method  aimed at runners, and pleasantly concise, this book presents an excellent method of training for the 26.2 distance without having to run anywhere near your 20 or 24 mile training runs. The way they combine particular running days to achieve a training effect greater than the sum of its parts has influenced my coaching immeasurably.

The Cool Impossible – more of a run through the woods with your easy going coach than a die hard training manual. Author Eric Orton covers technique, intensity and so much more in a serious but jaunty book that will encourage you to look at running in a different way. The descriptions of his surroundings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming will probably have you Googling flights within the first chapter.

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Pick a book and give it a read.
If you enjoy it, come back and tell me about it in the comments section below and don’t forget to hit Like and Share to spread the word about my blog.
Happy reading and happy running.


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