Top 3 Quick and Easy Workouts for the Time-Starved Fitness Addict

Top 3 Quick and Easy Workouts for the Time-Starved Fitness Addict

I hereby give you the gift of time.

We’ve all had periods where there’s just too little time for exercise. Maybe you finished work late, a phone call ate into your workout time or any number of other reasons. In our busy lives we’re all time-starved and our workouts are usually the first thing to suffer, and if your workouts suffer, you suffer. It only takes one good dose of exercise to make you feel positive again, and here’s how.

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If you’re pressed for time or even feeling unmotivated, pick yourself up and do a 20 minute workout.
20 minutes is all you need. Just try it.

In 20 minutes you will strengthen and tone muscles, mobilise and stabilise joints, perfect your techniques and improve your blood sugar not to mention burn calories.

Imagine how good you will feel after 20 minutes of abdominal exercises. How many squats or press ups could you achieve in this short spell? Even if you head out the door for a light run for twenty minutes every other day you would accrue 280 minutes of running in a single month.

This week, try these 20 minute nuggets of exercise and add it all up at the end of the week to see what you’ve achieved.

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The 20 Minute Easy Run
Run out of the door, just go. Keep it light and easy, no panting. When you’ve run for 10 minutes, turn around and head back. Bang! That’s 20 minutes in the bag.

20 Minute Abs
Put a timer on your phone or set the cooker alarm. Now, get on the floor.
Nice relaxed speed, start with straight sit ups to moderate fatigue. Change to side plank lifts switching sides when tired. Throw in a hand full of reverse curls. Back to basic sit ups with a twist followed by side lifts again and repeat. That’s more abs than most people do in a week. Up your motivational mojo by turning up your favourite guilty pleasure soundtrack.

The 20 Minute Squat & Press Up Challenge
Start with something like 10 press ups or ideally as many as you can in one go. Then jump up and do double this number of squats. Keep going, adjusting as necessary as fatigue cuts the number of press ups you do. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the time.

Start straight away!
Give these a go and report back with your comments. Good luck.

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Consult your health practitioner before commencing a new exercise regime. If you have any pre existing conditions, some of these exercises may not be appropriate for you at this time.

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