Personal Grooming | My 7 Top Tips To Groom For Success

Personal Grooming | My 7 Top Tips To Groom For Success


Personal grooming is not about vanity, having “the look” and contouring your make up to be someone else. I am talking about getting up, getting ready and starting the day as you mean to go on so you can go on smashing those health and fitness goals like an absolute champion. The benefits will do wonders for your personal and professional life too.

Be honest; do you get more done on days when you get up late and slob about in your PJ’s or filthy sweats with stubble all over the shop. Or, do you achieve the most on days when you get straight up, wash, shave and prep yourself?


personal grooming

Grooming for success – PHOTO CREDIT: L Grimley

If you have ever been on a fitness drive or a diet you may recall that the times when you were achieving, making progress and succeeding were the times when you were taking care of yourself. Conversely, I bet you can remember a time when your diet or your fitness routine wasn’t going so well and you let yourself go a little. It can be a slippery slope to failure even with the best of food and fitness plans. This is often linked to taking less good care of things like your personal grooming. You don’t get up so promptly, shaving, cleaning and styling take a back seat and your attention to looking smart and motivated takes a nosedive.


personal grooming

Look, feel and perform your best. PHOTO CREDIT: L Grimley

Whatever you are into, everyone likes the feeling of being clean, putting on fresh clothes and feeling ready to get out there and get stuff done.


My 7 top tips to groom yourself for success.


1. Get up promptly and get washed – ideally have a good shower and scrub all over.

2. Shave – Gents, shave that face, shape that stubble and trim that beard. Whatever adorns your man-face, tidy it each morning. Ladies, shave your legs, all the way up and your pits too.

3. Dry off and do your skin care bit.

4. Do your hair and make up.

5. Put on your good underwear.

6. Put on an outfit that makes you feel great.

7. Get ready to burst out of the house and kick some arse.


A morning workout kick starts your day - PHOTO CREDIT: L Grimley

A morning workout kick starts your day – PHOTO CREDIT: L Grimley


If you like to get up early and exercise before work, get up promptly and step straight into your workout gear. I lay out my gear the night before. Have a small glass of water and start your warm up. When your workout is done, go straight into step one. Throw your planned breakfast meal into the routine and you have a recipe for success in life, love and longevity. More recipes here.  With a strong personal grooming routine you will always start the day the right way. Here’s to you!



  1. 24/10/2017 / 07:15

    I love this. As I lay in bed reading this, I am driven to go out for a run before work 💪🏼 x

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