What Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet? | LCHF Diet Explained

What Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet? | LCHF Diet Explained

What Is The Low Carb High Fat Diet?

The low carb high fat (LCHF) diet has gained popularity and is becoming fashionable amongst the health conscious, weight loss dieters and also with diet food companies. There are many health benefits to following a good LCHF lifestyle, but let’s make sure we do it right. LCHF is synonymous with Paleo, Banting, Primal and often simply Low Carb. I have been following a Low Carb High Fat diet since 2015 and truly believe it is the healthiest way to eat for all human beings. I want to help you understand the incredible health benefits of eating this way along with how to do it correctly. You will see LCHF more and more as it gains further media attention and I want you to know what is good advice and what is not.

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My Low Carb High Fat Granola!

The Benefits of Going LCHF

A well formulated Low Carb High Fat diet gives you all the energy and nutrients you need to function at your best. It is an anti inflammatory diet that reduces and prevents a huge number of common problems. You will…

•Experience less bloating
•Less hunger
•Fewer or no cravings
•Better blood sugar levels
•Improved concentration & brain performance
• Healthier skin and hair
•Stronger nails
•Better hormone health
•Improved cholesterol levels
•Prevent and improve allergies, stomach problems and arthritis

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Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

So, What is it?

All you need to do for a healthy Low Carb High Fat diet is cut down your starches and sugars and replace them with good fats and oils. This is in fact the way human beings are meant to eat. It is not a fad or a crash diet it is simply the most healthy way to fuel and nourish your body for health and fitness. In a well formulated LCHF diet most of your energy or calories should come from good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, butter and animal fats.  Some of your energy will come from good carbohydrates, choose starchy whole foods over refined sweet things, and a little bit of your energy should come from protein; meat, fish, eggs, dairy, tempeh, tofu, hemp.

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Low Carb High Fat Dinner

For a balanced diet, I recommend a 70:20:10 split of fat:carbs:protein in that order for a typical day’s intake. The rest of your plate should be brimming with a multi coloured array of vegetables and leaves. Check out my instagram feed for regular inspiration. The easiest way to get started is to make your breakfast a LCHF meal. Ditch the cereal and toast and go for full fat Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds or eggs, bacon, avocados and omelettes. Save your healthy carbs for lunch time meals. Healthy carbs like sweet potatoes instead of white, buckwheat and quinoa instead of white rice. As you get the hang of it, make dinner a Low Carb High Fat meal too.

I feel so strongly about the Low Crab High Fat diet that I put a year of hard work into writing my eBook Eat and Move. It tells you everything you need to know to get started today along with a progressive, weekly fitness programme to get you loving your food and your body.
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Find some of my delicious recipes here.

Have fun with your new diet, I have never felt better and I look forward to hearing about your success stories.

Here is a link to my Top 10 Tips for a successful LCHF Diet.

There a many healthy reasons to adopt a low carb high fat diet, if you are under the supervision of a doctor it may be advisable to consult with them before making major changes to your lifestyle.

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