Instantly Improve Your Health & Fitness | Series Part 1

Instantly Improve Your Health & Fitness | Series Part 1

There is one thing that we can all do today to instantly improve all aspects of our health and fitness. Prioritise sleep.

If you are struggling for motivation, lacking energy for your workouts, experiencing food cravings and struggling to stick to your heathy meal plans, it is most likely due to poor sleep. Tiredness affects your energy as well as your mood and your ability to make healthy choices. One bad choice often leads to another and another, so let’s recognise this and do something positive about it. In Part 1 of my Instantly Improve series I give you my top tips to making sleep a priority.


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Here are my top tips to instantly improve your sleep.

1. Take a day, two days or even three to prioritise sleep and get back on track.
Forget the workouts, do not stress about that, get your sleep sorted and the rest will follow, trust me.

2. Aim to get seven to nine hours’ sleep every night. Make this a priority.

3. TV does not dictate bed time, you do. The best TV programmes are on late, so avoid distraction by recording your favourites and watching them a day later.

4. Set a bed time and stick to it.
Ask yourself, “what time do I need to wake up in order to get ready, eat something good and leave on time?” Make sure you are in bed with the lights out seven to nine hours before this time.

5. Get ready for bed well before lights out time. Give yourself half an hour to brush your teeth, shut everything up, faff, fiddle and get to bed. Do not let your pre bedtime routine encroach on sleep time.

6. Get into bed half an hour before lights out time. Like tip number 4, use this time to slow down, read a little, quieten your mind and feel your eyelids growing heavy.


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Stick to these simple tips and establish a bedtime routine. Once your sleep has been restored you will have more energy, naturally eat better and feel the drive to do those workouts, go for that walk, run or ride. Start today, you will feel the benefits instantly.

Leave your comments below and share any bedtime tips that have helped you get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Alison
    February 19, 2017 / 21:10

    Switching off my phone RIGHT NOW! Words of wisdom very well put. (Unlike my grammar – it’s been a long day.)

  2. Teresa K Grimley
    February 19, 2017 / 21:33

    Great advice, as always. Thankyou Liam ??

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