5 Fat Burning Truths

5 Fat Burning Truths


Fat Burn: this is the single most over sold and poorly understood term in the history of fitness.

Here are 5 Fat Burning Truths


1. Excess Body Fat comes from an Energy Surplus

There’s no sugar coating this one, no pun intended. If you eat more energy than you use, the excess energy will be stored as fat. The real truth is that it requires a healthy Energy Deficit for you to lose body fat.


2. High Intensity Exercise is Rubbish for Burning Fat

Contrary to the current high intensity obsession, it is in fact moderate intensity exercise that burns fat. High intensity exercise burns sugar. Fat requires oxygen to burn, so we must spend a good amount of time doing moderate exercise to burn fat in the presence of oxygen. It’s not all about blood sweat and tears.


3. Moderate Intensity Exercise Builds a Fat Burning Body

Every time you do moderate exercise you grow more of the equipment within your body that burns fat. Blood vessels grow more richly around the fat stores and within the fat burning muscles which make you better and better at tapping into that fat.


4. You can not lose fat from target areas

Your body takes fat from head to toe, so when you lose body fat it comes off from all over your body. For example, if you lose 1% body fat, you will lose 1% of the fat you had on your bum and 1% of the fat you had stored in your tummy, face etc.


5. There are NO quick fixes

It takes time to put on weight, it takes time and patience to take it off. The secret is to get into a routine of regular exercise and healthy eating.


Keep an eye out for more on the points raised here in future blog posts

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