How to be a Morning Person

How to be a Morning Person

I’ve always envied Morning People. The ones who can jump up bright eyed and bushy tailed as if they’ve just had the perfect night’s sleep. So, I’ve talked to them and identified their good habits to workout how to be a morning person.

Get more sleep
Do you know how many hours sleep you get each night? If you’re averaging less than eight then there’s room for improvement. The advice to get eight hours a night isn’t just a made up number; it’s the right amount of sleep for brain, nerve, muscle and spine rejuvenation. People who habitually get too little sleep loose disc height in their spines, fail to recover fully from workouts and we’ve all experienced the forgetfulness and loss of focus from just one bad night’s sleep.

Get to bed early
It’s the first step towards getting more sleep. Don’t start brushing your teeth at the time you plan to go to bed; it takes most people around fifteen to thirty minutes from deciding to go to bed until their head hits the pillow. My advice, aim to be in bed, alarm set, lights out at your intended bed time. All the good TV is on around 10pm, so record your programmes and watch everything one day later.

Elevate How to be a morning person

An hour before midnight really is worth two after
This old wives tale is absolutely true. Try it.

Improve sleep quality
Try a no screen policy at least thirty minutes before bedtime. Avoid caffeine and stimulants in the two to four hours before bed. Limit alcohol, it does nothing for sleep quality, you will notice how much brighter you feel in the morning.

Many teas are famed for their sleep aiding qualities. Be sure to avoid caffeinated and stimulating teas such as black teas and those containing a lot of cinnamon,  ginger or mint. I like loose leaf or whole flower varieties such as Lemon Verbena, Chamomile Flowers or a quickly brewed Japanese Green Sencha. Experiment with different teas to find your favourites.

Sleepy TeaWear a sleep mask
I used to have terrible trouble getting off to sleep, I’d be dog tired, but my eyes wouldn’t stay closed. Then an amazing girl, now my amazing wife, convinced me to try wearing a sleep mask. It was an instant cure and I highly recommend it.

Wake up and Get Up
Finally, when the alarm sounds, get up, stand up and start your day. The snooze function no longer exists. This is as important as any other point here.

So, try these seven tips to be a better morning person. Try them one at a time or drink, wear and do them all tonight and let me know how it works for you.

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