EAT & MOVE – the only fitness book you will ever need

EAT & MOVE – the only fitness book you will ever need

I am delighted to announce the release of my much anticipated health and fitness book. The title, EAT & MOVE gets straight to the heart of the matter. What you eat and when you eat it can mean the difference between storing fat and burning fat. The way you move during the day and the mix of workouts you do throughout the week can make you a warn out sugar burner with excess body fat or a strong, lean, fat-burning machine. This book will help weight loss in the over weight and healthy weight gain in the underweight. It will help control blood sugar in type I, type II and pre diabetics whilst improving high blood pressure and low bone density, hormone and digestive dysfunctions and overall body composition and self image. In EAT & MOVE I reveal the true meaning of a balanced diet and unveil the right balance of exercises to achieve optimal health and physical fitness for life.



If you have ever tried “dieting” then you will remember the calorie counting, the restrictions, boring food, constant hunger and just trying to hang on until the 21 days, 30 days or however many days of torture are over. Well I can promise none of that with EAT & MOVE. You will love food and look forward to guilt free eating. You will understand how to make food work for you so that it becomes one of your most powerful allies in your mission to reach your goals. The recipes are quick and easy, catering for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans so that anyone can make them and everyone will enjoy them.

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 Your body responds best to variety when it comes to movement and exercise. Escaping the obsessive, one dimensional fitness fads, the EAT & MOVE programme guides you through a unique formula of low, medium and high intensity workouts. You will develop the tissues and systems of your body to burn fat, strengthen, tone and mobilise your entire body. The workouts are specially designed to move with you as you progress and absolutely anyone can start today with no special equipment required. Welcome to an achievable and sustainable lifestyle that drives you to achieve your fitness goals and keeps you healthy and fit for life.

eat & move

This book stands head and shoulders above the rest as it goes beyond diet and exercise to show you that diet is about more than calories-in versus calories-out and that exercise is about more than punishing workouts that leave you battered and sore. EAT & MOVE is unique in that it is a true lifestyle approach to health and fitness. You can jump in with both feet or you can take it on one step at a time, safe in the knowledge that you are getting closer to great health and fitness with every step and every bite you take.


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