Book of the Month { May 2016 }

Book of the Month { May 2016 }

Welcome to the first Book of the Month.

Rather than keep my burgeoning library secret I have decided to share with you the books that influence and inspire my practise and give scientific credence to my methods.

You’ll find coaching and training manuals, diet and nutrition books as well as stories and accounts that have opened my eyes and spurned me on to personal and professional achievements.


This month’s Book of the Month is The Real Meal Revolution. The brain child of world renowned medical doctor and sport scientist Professor Tim Noakes.

elevate real meal shelf

In The Real Meal Revolution Prof. Noakes introduces the radical concept of low carbohydrate, high fat eating for improved health and the prevention of a host of illnesses. The book is so well written and presented that anyone can pick it up and understand the subject immediately.

The first part of The Real Meal Revolution introduces the author and his two side kicks, one of whom is a nutritionist and the other a top chef. For me this gives the book a massive step up in credibility compared to so many “diet” books out there. This section goes on to give you an excellent understanding of the basis for low carbohydrate, high fat eating.

You’ll quickly grasp the importance of the food groups and what to expect when you make changes to your diet.

There’s a brilliant section on what to eat and what not to eat which is presented in a traffic light system for instant referencing.

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The bulk of this fantastic book is made up of recipes that look tantalising and are expertly presented. They offer variety and whilst fairly meat heavy, there is a better than usual proportion of vegetarian food on offer.

elevate real meal dish

I have been a fan of Tim Noakes’ work for a number of years and instantly took to him because he is able to back every claim he makes with exhaustively researched and referenced science. If, like me, you want a bit more depth to the research, the back of the book goes into great detail about the subject to give you a very in-depth understanding.

Real meal pyramid page

This section is more wordy, but well presented with graphics and data tables such as an explanation of the 20th Century Food-Pyramid and why it is fundamentally wrong. True to form, Noakes goes on to offer a solution to every point that he takes issue with so that you go away feeling like you have all the answers you need.

If there’s one book you buy this month, or even this year, make sure it is this one.

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