5 Reasons To Go Barefoot

Everyone in the western world wears shoes, why wouldn’t you? Some shoes are highly functional and even essential, but most are all about the look. I don’t want you rocking up to the office with your clod-hoppers on show, but I am a firm believer in letting your feet out to play.

Here are my 5 reasons to go barefoot.

1 improve balance
When you go barefoot you will find that feeling the ground gives you intimate feedback. You will increase nerve and muscle activity and coordination.


2 strengthen foot muscles
Reduce incidence of injury from weakness such as fallen arches and plantar fasciitis to mechanical damage such as bunion deformity caused by shoes with narrow toe boxes. Strong feet also directly improve overall foot function & sporting performance, the foot is most often the first point of contact with the ground for push off, take off, landing and changing direction.


3 reduce foot infections
The majority of foot infections come from fungal infection due to feet being in a damp, warm, dark shoe for a large proportion of your waking and even sleeping hours. In addition to ingrown toenail related wounds that become septic in the same environment.


4 improve the shape of your toes
Reduce bunion risk as well as corns, hammer toes, overdeveloped thick skin and cracked heels. Your toes should actually be parallel, your big toe should not lean on your next toe and your little toe should not be hiding under its neighbour. After a time spent barefoot you’ll notice your toes realigning gradually


5 get the spring back in your step

Whether you’re a bootcamper or keen runner you will benefit enormously from the added spring in your step from the time spent barefoot. Your feet get lazy and sleepy after a lifetime in thick structured shoes. Get them out and wake them up and after a few weeks you’ll begin to notice the difference.


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