elevate sports massage

Sports Massage is an excellent aid to recovery from training and injury and plays a key role in helping to identify potential soft tissue injuries before they become a problem. Massage relieves muscle and joint pain and can be instrumental in combating bad posture and work stress, both physically and mentally. The Elevate brand of massage combines a deep understanding of advanced anatomy and physiology and has evolved over the past decade to deliver a unique and thorough massage experience.

Sports massage doesn’t always mean a painful massage. Your treatment can be general or tailored to focus on particular problem areas or even specific injuries. Many of our clients consider their regular massage a key component in their health and fitness.


90 minute Sports Massage £90

1 Hour Sports Massage £65

1/2 Hour Sports Massage £47.50

Pre-Sport Massage can be arranged for the same day as your event or competition, but scheduling can be difficult. The popular alternative is to have your last treatment 48-72 hours before your event. This is timed to have you at the start line in the best possible shape.

Post-Sport Massage is an extremely effective aid to recovery following activity. Our clients experience reduced muscle soreness, improved sleep and accelerated recovery allowing them to return to training more quickly and safely. The 48 hours following exercise are the hours during which you will benefit most from your Post Sport Massage.

Bookings are taken up very quickly during marathon season so booking ahead is advised.

There are certain contraindications to massage so please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about your health, medications, allergies or anything at all.