EAT & MOVE – fit for life – eBook


The only health and fitness book you will ever need.
Eat & Move to achieve great health and physical fitness, for life.



EAT & MOVE goes beyond diet and exercise to show you that diet is about more than calories-in versus calories-out and exercise is about more than just punishing workouts that leave you battered and sore. EAT & MOVE is a truly unique lifestyle approach to health and fitness.

What you eat and when you eat it can mean the difference between storing fat and burning fat. The way you move during the day and the mix of workouts you do through your week can make you a warn out sugar burner with excess body fat or a strong, lean, fat-burning machine. This book will help weight loss in the over weight and healthy weight gain in the underweight. It will help control blood sugar in type I, type II and pre diabetics whilst improving high blood pressure and low bone density, hormone and digestive dysfunctions and overall body composition and self image. EAT & MOVE reveals the true meaning of a balanced diet and unveils the way to exercise in order to achieve optimal health and physical fitness for life.


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