My January Fitness Challenge 2020 | Fitness Every Day

My January Fitness Challenge 2020 | Fitness Every Day

My January fitness challenge will not only get you fit, it will create the positive habits to make 2020 your fittest year yet. It is designed for anyone who wants to improve their shape and physical fitness. Frequency and regularity are the secret to making progress and feeling great. So, I have put together a series of daily, mini workouts that take no more than 10 minutes. The challenge is to exercise every day for four weeks. I give you exactly what you need in each mini workout so all you have to do is complete your activity for that day. When you have completed my January fitness challenge, you will be ready for greatness in 2020.

The Challenge

My January Fitness Challenge starts on the first Monday in January. You will do a mini workout each day Monday to Saturday and a longer, easy outing on Sundays. The mini workouts are very simple and take just ten minutes. You do a set number of that day’s exercise every minute, on the minute (EMOM) for ten minutes. Set a one minute timer and do your exercises straight away. Whatever time you have left is your rest. When you have done this ten times, you are done! On Sundays, simply head out the door for a walk. Each week gets a little more challenging, but the time commitment Monday to Saturday remains just ten minutes a day. Sunday walks get a little longer each week and who knows, you might just want to keep going.

Week 1: Starts Monday 6th January

Monday 6 Squats
Tuesday 6 Press Ups
Wednesday 6 straight Sit Ups
Thursday 6 Lunges
Friday 6 Dips
Saturday 6 Alternate Twist Sit Ups
Sunday go for a 20min Walk

Week 2: Starts Monday 13th January

Monday 8 squats
Tuesday 8 press ups
Wednesday 8 straight sit ups
Thursday 8 lunges
Friday 8 dips
Saturday 8 alternate twist sit ups
Sunday go for a 30min walk

Week 3: Starts Monday 20th January

Monday 5 burpees
Tuesday 10 press ups
Wednesday 10 straight sit ups
Thursday 10 lunges
Friday 10 dips
Saturday 10 alternate twist sit ups
Sunday go for a 40min walk

Week 4: Starts Monday 27th January

Monday 12 squats
Tuesday 12 press ups
Wednesday 12 straight sit ups
Thursday 12 lunges
Friday 12 sit up-press ups
Saturday 12 alternate twist sit ups
Sunday go for a 50min walk

Take a Hike

How To Make It Harder

If you think this little challenge is beneath you, try some of these brilliant adaptations.
Stay down! By which I mean, spend the rest time in a working position. For example; rest on straight arms for press ups and dips (bend them a bit if you like) and hold a 1/4 squat or lunge (deeper equals harder). For sit ups, keep some tension on your abs by coming all the up then leaning back a smidge, further if you can handle it. Use the squat method for your burpees. If you have a current exercise or training programme, throw these mini workouts in there to give an extra boost to your January performance.

Every Rep Counts

Every exercise repetition should be performed with full and precise technique, even when you feel tired. This is often disregarded and can wreak havoc on your body and your goals. The technique ensures that you avoid injury and guarantees that the target areas get the benefit of your hard graft. In 2019 I wrote an article about Fitness Challenges that’s worth a read this time of year. If you have any questions about the exercises in my January fitness challenge, write a comment below and I’ll be thrilled to help. If you’re in Surrey or London, come to one of my classes for a technical masterclass and a heck of a workout.

Leave a comment below telling me about how you get on and how you made the plan your own.

It is advisable to consult your doctor before commencing new exercise routine. Warm up before exercise. Take 5 minutes to raise your heart rate, breathing and temperature somewhat.


  1. Megan
    05/01/2020 / 17:48

    What a fab workout plan!!! Thank you ☺️

  2. Susie Morgan
    05/01/2020 / 17:54

    Brilliant idea!

  3. 05/01/2020 / 17:55

    I’m on it – I’ll try to get Haydn to do it too. Thank you. The perfect start to a perfect year 🙂 x

  4. Laura Merryweather
    05/01/2020 / 18:19

    Every minute on the minute….
    So 6 x squats every minute of the day?!
    Please explain. My brain is tired lol
    I think I’m up for this… U less it really is every min of the day!

    • Liam
      06/01/2020 / 01:12

      Just for ten minutes, Laura. Although I see a Guinness World Record on the horizon ?

      • Liam
        09/01/2020 / 10:42

        I have amended the instructions to be more clear. Thanks for the heads up!

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